What do podologists advise when it comes to foot care?

Co doradzają podolodzy, jeśli chodzi o pielęgnację stóp?

If you want to have beautiful and healthy feet, you need to take care of them systematically. Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult at all. All you need to do is follow a few extremely important rules and use appropriate care products. This will allow us to avoid painful ingrowth and calloused skin. Let’s find out how to take care of your feet every day so that they stay in good condition throughout the year.

Regular foot baths

The skin on our feet requires constant care. Let’s learn the basic rules of foot care, thanks to which we will keep them in good condition. Let’s start with the foot bath. We should organize a special foot bath once or twice a week. Pour the warm water into the bowl and add the care product to it. Do not give up soaking your feet, because it is the best way to get rid of calloused epidermis.

Using a pumice stone, we are able to eliminate any hard places under the foot. However, let’s reach for it only when the skin softens a little. This way we avoid unnecessary friction. You can also exfoliate your feet while bathing. It helps to remove dead skin cells. You can prepare such a peeling yourself. You can use ground coffee. We can buy a ready-made peeling at a drugstore, pharmacy or in a specialist podiatrist’s office.

Don’t forget to moisturize

A lot of people forget about foot care. Mostly, we forget about sufficient hydration of the skin on the feet. Unfortunately, this leads to cracked heels. Therefore, you need to stock up on preparations. We should buy a foot cream with an effect that is adequate to the needs of our skin. When our skin is excessively dry, it starts to crack. Ointments are recommended for cracked heels. Ointments significantly improve regenerative processes. Certainly, cosmetics with antifungal and antibacterial properties will be a hit, which will additionally prevent the development of foot diseases.

Proper selection of footwear

We must remember that the appearance and condition of the feet are also significantly affected by the footwear worn. After all, we spend most of the day in shoes. It is important both the footwear in which we leave the house, as well as the shoes in which we walk around the apartment. Above all, shoes should be comfortable. To be able to keep your feet healthy, it is recommended to choose shoes made of natural, soft and breathable materials. The sole should in no case be too thin, as this could lead to excessive overloads. Heels in full boots should be reinforced. And in sandals, the heel should be shaped so that it stabilizes the foot.
Avoid narrow-toed shoes and high-heeled shoes. Walking barefoot is also discouraged. As a result, in places of greatest pressure, corns or calluses are formed.

Is it worth going to a specialist?

We must know that not all problems within our feet can be cured on our own using home remedies. Therefore, when we observe mycosis, warts, cracking heels or other undesirable ailment, it is better to make an appointment with a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a foot specialist. This specialist will help pinpoint the exact cause of our foot problems. In addition to indicating the cause, he will select the appropriate treatment for us. First of all, the treatment must bring the expected results.

Podology is a field not only in the field of medicine, but also cosmetology. Therefore, a podiatrist has the skills and knowledge that allow him to help people who suffer from foot diseases. It is to him, not to the beautician, that we have to go when something really bad happens within our feet. A beautician will not help us with ingrown nails and mycosis. For a podiatrist, these are normal diseases with which patients come to him.

The most popular procedure that is performed by a podiatrist is a podological pedicure. As part of this procedure, the subologist trims and files our nail plate. For this, he develops periungual rollers. The podiatrist will also smooth our skin and eliminate any problems and changes. As you can see in the above, this is a treatment that we can use when the condition of our feet is not optimistic. The podiatrist always starts his visit with a thorough interview and examining our feet. Thanks to this, he knows exactly what is wrong and what procedure to perform.

In Poland, podologists are not yet such a popular profession. However, more and more podiatry offices are being created. We are glad that people have started to be aware that feet need to be taken care of. We also stopped reporting to the beautician with the above problems and we focus on real specialists who specialize in feet.
In Western Europe, definitely more people decide on podiatry consultations and treatments performed by this specialist.

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