What is massage and what are its most popular types?

Co to jest masaż i jakie są jego najpopularniejsze rodzaje?

The history of massage goes back thousands of years. In ancient times, body massage was part of religious rituals, for example in China and India. In Egypt, on the other hand, anointing with fragrant oils was popular, which was supposed to bring relief to tired muscles. Massages also spread in Rome. Wealthy patricians used massage in thermal baths, and it was performed by specially trained slaves. Although massage has been known for centuries, it was only during the Renaissance that it began to be treated as an official method of treatment. What is the definition of massage? What are the most popular types of massage today and what benefits can each of them bring?

What is a massage?

What exactly is a massage? Simply put, it is a physiotherapeutic procedure during which tissues are affected using mechanical stimuli. Typically, these stimuli are caused by the masseur’s hands, but sometimes special apparatus and massage devices are also used. Most people associate massage with blissful relaxation. Rightly so – such treatments as chocolate massage or Thai oil massage, in fact, they are extremely pleasant and relaxing! However, it is worth remembering that massage can also have a great effect on health and fitness. Therapeutic massage is used in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of various neurological, orthopedic, pediatric and other internal diseases. During the massage, the tissues undergo elastic deformation. It is extremely important that the massage is carried out with appropriately selected strength and at the right pace. Only then can it bring measurable benefits. Of course, the effects of the massage depend on what technique it is performed. A different type of massage is used for therapeutic purposes, another for relaxing purposes, and another for slimming the figure.

Classic massage – gentle and relaxing

Classic massage is one of the most popular types of massage. It can be performed using several techniques, including kneading, squeezing and grinding. Its main purpose is to relax the muscles of the person undergoing the procedure. In addition, a classic massage can improve blood circulation and help remove waste products. There is a general massage, which is used for the whole body, as well as a partial massage, i.e. for specific parts of the body. Classic massage can be performed with the use of special oils, creams and balms, which additionally affects the comfort of the massaged person. Since this type of massage is rather gentle and painless, it is often found in spa packages. A day at the SPA for two with a classic massage is a great way to relax and feel pampered to the limit together with your other half!

Relaxing massage to soothe the nerves

A relaxation massage is similar to a classic massage. As you can easily guess, its purpose is to relax and loosen tense and tired muscles. A gentle relaxing massage has a great effect on the nervous system and calms down, so it is recommended to anyone who experiences a lot of stress on a daily basis. Just like a classic massage, it is often offered in beauty salons and spas. A day at the SPA for twoincluding a relaxing massage is a popular choice among both young couples and seniors. In this type of treatment, aromatic oils are often used, which are selected individually according to the needs and preferences of the massaged person. Chocolate massage oil prepared on the basis of warm chocolate and natural almond oil or olive oil enjoys exceptional popularity. Chocolate massage is a real relief for the body, and at the same time a great feast for the senses!

Slimming massage in the fight for a beautiful figure

Recently, slimming massage and anti-cellulite massage have gained great popularity, especially among women . Used regularly, they can significantly improve the appearance of the figure and help in losing extra pounds. Slimming massage is characterized by strong and decisive movements of the masseur and high intensity. To bring the expected results, it should be combined with a healthy diet and physical activity. Systematically performed treatment allows you to reduce fat tissue, get rid of skin folds and firm the skin. Strongly related to this type of massage is the anti-cellulite massage, which helps to eliminate cellulite and other imperfections, especially from the most problematic areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

Oriental Thai massage

Among the most popular types of massages, the well-known and popular Thai massage had to be included . Interestingly, there are as many as 80 types of Thai massage ! It belongs to deep massages. During it, the person undergoing the procedure does not lie passively, but actively participates in the performed therapeutic activities. During the massage, the therapist uses not only hands, but also knees, legs and feet. There is also an oil Thai massage during which special massage oils are used. The extraordinary benefits of Thai massage include not only muscle relaxation and relaxation, but also improving the flexibility and mobility of the body and increasing the range of motion.

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