Interesting work of the translator

Modern social life is largely based on the knowledge of foreign languages. It is hard to imagine tourism, politics, media or business without English, German, Chinese or Italian. English gained the status of a universal language similar to Latin in the Middle Ages. Globalization has made languages ​​essential to functioning in society. The interpenetration of creativity, business, modern technologies, and scientific research somehow forces us to explain the achievements of humanity. Despite the increasing knowledge of foreign languages, translation agencies do not complain about boredom and are dynamically developing their activities.

Translations of book publications

The book is not obsolete, regardless of whether it appears in a traditional or electronic version, it is an extremely important component of the culture and intellectual development of society. The scope of the term “literature” is very broad and does not refer only to belles lettres: epics, lyric poetry and drama. It also includes popular science and scientific publications, textbooks, guides and children’s literature. The works are translated into various languages, thanks to which they reach a mass audience around the world. Translation office performs literary translations from a foreign language into Polish and vice versa – from Polish into any other language. Books distributed as audiobooks are also translated first. It operates on the Polish market, untranslated literature, printed in the original version, intended for people who want to read books in the original. The translation agency offers a wide range of translation services at affordable prices. A foreign author who wants to publish a book in Poland needs a Polish translation. Literary translation differs from translation utility texts. The translator must reflect in the example the author’s workshop, stylistic means, the way of depicting and creating the character, changes in the language and the author’s sensitivity. This means that the person translating literature must be a specialist in literary theory and in the history of literature from the countries of the given language area. He should know the author’s other works, because then he can compare the workshop. Writers usually have one translator who is familiar with their craft and the way of constructing the depicted world.

Specialist translations

The translation agency also deals with the translation of books and other scientific and specialist publications. The translator must have knowledge in a given field or at least be interested in the subject from which he translates a book or article. Translation agencies cooperate with specialists in various fields who help translators in their work in terms of content. The standard of the translation agency’s services  also includes linguistic and substantive proofreading of translations, translations of texts prepared for publication and archiving of translations.

Translations of commercial documents

Business clients are most often interested in translating documents related to the broadly understood commercial offer. This is due to contacts with EU partners and other partners from non-EU countries. The translation agency offers certified and regular translations. Sworn translations include translations of legal texts, e.g. notarial deeds, contracts, powers of attorney, statutes, employment certificates, certificates, school or course completion certificates, university diplomas. Standard translations include such types of texts as: audit reports, cost estimates, financial plans, balance sheets, advertising texts, tender documentation, product catalogues. Translation services are performed at the highest graphic level – the client receives a ready-to-use text.The translation agency adapts the texts of advertisements to the language of the recipient and to the conditions of the country where it will be displayed. Translations of advertisements from a foreign language into Polish are also carried out. At the client’s request, graphic processing of translations is carried out. Some translation agencies rent audiovisual, multimedia and conference equipment for their regular clients, provided that they use translation services at a given event.

High quality of translations

The translation agency provides high quality services at sustainable costs. Sometimes you can take advantage of promotions on selected services. The basic principle of the operation of the Poznań translation agency is a professional approach to commissioned translations, high quality of services and favorable price conditions. Confidentiality and archiving of translations is guaranteed. The translation service is complete. For clients who decide to use the translation service for the first time, a trial translation is offered, which allows translators to familiarize themselves with the texts and the client’s expectations. This allows you to plan the work schedule for the entire translation.

The work of a translator is a contact with the person and the text. It requires a lot of general knowledge, linguistic education, resistance to stress and very good concentration. It is an interesting job, in which there is certainly no monotony and boredom.

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