What is subliminal advertising?

Co to jest reklama podprogowa?

Advertising is an extremely important thing when it comes to marketing in the modern world. Of course, there are a lot of forms of advertising, just as they are assessed differently, both from the point of view of effectiveness and from the point of view of ethics. It is worth talking about different types of advertising and discussing those forms of advertising that may be considered unethical or unlawful. Here, we mainly focus on subliminal advertising.

What is subliminal advertising?

Subliminal advertising is a new form of advertising, which is designed to smuggle certain types of suggestions into our subconsciousness in an imperceptible way, aimed at encouraging us to take appropriate actions, which may be related, for example, to purchasing decisions. So it is visual advertising. The concept of subliminal advertising appeared in the 1970s. It arose because in the United States, one of the researchers pointed out that different kinds of time-lapse images in movies can make people more suggestible. This topic is very controversial. In the common opinion, subliminal advertising is an element of mind control. Psychological research, however, says that the effect of subliminal advertising is minimal at best, and several factors must be present for any significant result to be achieved at all. The subliminal suggestion in the advertisement that we buy a drink does not work until we feel thirsty, and attempts to direct us to a specific brand did not bring the expected results.The production of subliminal advertising is either banned or quite limited in many countries, which is why it is basically not worth investing in it, especially since the effect in the form of sales is rather insignificant.

Internet advertising

Currently, one of the most effective forms of advertising is considered to be advertising on the Internet. We are talking here about broadly understood advertising on the Internet, because there are many forms of advertising on the Internet. The basic form of advertising is our own website and it must be emphasized that virtually everyone who runs a service or commercial activity, if they would like to increase their turnover, should invest in this form of advertising. First of all, we must have a good website and it must be well positioned, which means that if someone is looking for specific services or products in the search engine, our company must be displayed best on the first page of search results. Other forms of online advertising may be, for example, displaying our advertisement in breaks in YouTube videos or simply our presence on social media. Effective advertising on the Internet most often requires hiring a specialist company to run such a campaign, because the funds that go into it are already large enough, and the methods are so specialized that it will be very difficult for us to break through such advertising on our own, and even if we succeed, it will require a lot of work and it will be necessary to acquire appropriate knowledge, which often includes expertise in this field.

Various types of display ads

Not without significance in the modern world is the so-called traditional advertising. These forms of advertising can include, for example, various types of promotional materials, such as company mugs, leaflets or t-shirts, as well as, for example, a properly designed logo, which will, for example, appear on our signboard. This applies in particular to those economic activities that are not conducted on a large scale. For example, if we run a hair salon and there are two or three others in our town, we can build our reputation on the fact that we have a professional logo. It is nicely exposed above the entrance to our hairdresser’s, so there is a really high probability, confirmed by research that directly states that this type of advertising can actually be the most effective for us.

Presence on internet forums

If we run a business, we can be almost 100% sure that an internet forum has already been created in connection with our industry (local or nationwide). Although this topic is a form of online advertising, it should be addressed in a separate section. It is good to enter such a forum from time to time and try to find information on how our company is perceived on such a forum (positively or negatively). Are there any suggestions that it’s not working properly in some way or for the client, some things are a nuisance. If we follow these suggestions, we can achieve success very quickly, because we adapt to the requirements of our client. In addition, by introducing improvements, we can inform about them on such a forum,

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