Why branded laptops are a good investment

When choosing such an important work tool as a laptop, you should pay attention to the quality of the planned purchase. Many people, when looking for a new laptop, try to save on the unit cost, thus condemning themselves to the potentially high costs of repairing and servicing a laptop from an unreliable source. Branded laptops from proven manufacturers are usually the best possible investment in hardware. Greater performance and low failure rates are just some of the features of high-end laptops that save money in the long run.

The time we spend at the computer

One of the most important concepts in economics and business is the durability and usefulness of goods that people have at their disposal. A laptop belongs to the category of durable goods, i.e. those that, in their very assumption, should serve as long as possible. The one-time cost of a laptop from a popular manufacturer may seem like a big punch in the pocket, but it is a cost saver in the future. A better, faster and more usable laptop will shorten the time it takes to encode video material, increase the efficiency and accuracy of typing, and make entertainment in the form of playing computer games or watching high-quality movies much more enjoyable. If the problem is to spend a large amount at once, you should remember how often a person uses a laptop in everyday life. A study conducted on an American research group showed that that the average computer owner uses it to relax for about 27 minutes each day. Assuming that the owners of computers use them for at least three years, the total amount of leisure time, not counting the time spent at work, amounts to about 450 hours.

Branded laptop displays

Most of the time for entertainment using a laptop is spent playing computer games and watching movies. The most important element of a laptop in the context of broadly understood entertainment is its display. Cheap laptops, unlike branded laptops, often offer a display resolution not exceeding 1366×768 pixels. This is a lower resolution than most modern tablets, with much smaller displays. Contrast and viewing angles also suffer from the quality of the display. Some cheap laptops are equipped with better quality screens to compensate for the inferior quality of other components, but branded laptops will offer high quality displays, at least Full HD, i.e. 1920 × 1080 pixels. More and more laptops with higher resolutions, 1440p and even 4K, appear on the market.

Laptop components from proven manufacturers

Right after the display, you should look at what proven manufacturers offer in terms of branded laptop components. Cheap laptops are often equipped with low-performance processors with integrated graphics cards. Such configurations will not allow the user to play more demanding games, and advanced calculations, whether for entertainment or code compilation, may result in damage to the processor or motherboard. Branded laptops usually provide a next-generation processor that works with an external graphics card to generate real-time 3D graphics without overloading the CPU. A frequent element on which manufacturers of cheap laptops save money is RAM and the quality of the motherboard, which integrates all components into one. Saving on the motherboard often results in its burnout, which is extremely problematic when servicing laptops. Cheap RAM chips, on the other hand, are often unable to cope with simple operations on popular web browsers, seriously slowing down work.

Battery life vs branded laptops 

Companies often cut battery life to afford a low-priced laptop. Batteries are expensive, and there are no standards for verifying battery life. This means that a manufacturer can sell a laptop with a small battery while advertising durability that seems to be satisfactory. It’s rare to find a low-end laptop that offers more than six hours of battery life alone. Branded laptops, due to belonging to the brand they represent, are not allowed to save on battery, which, apart from the possibility of low condition, may result in an uncontrolled fire or explosion during operation.

Proven laptop manufacturers

There are a huge number of computer hardware manufacturers operating on the market, which is considered proven. The most popular companies offering branded laptops are technological giants such as: Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, HP, Apple and recently Microsoft with its hybrid laptop. Buying laptops from trusted sources can be a great idea for saving money. Often the difference between the average laptop and the premium one is several hundred zlotys. It is worth considering how long a new purchase should last and whether a given branded laptop will last longer than its cheap counterpart.

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