Why is it worth using the car rental offer?

Car rental companies direct their offers not only to individual customers, but also to entrepreneurs. Short-term rental is usually chosen by individual clients, while long-term rental is usually chosen by business owners. City cars are rented by private persons who come to a given city and want to move around it without any problems, or want to quickly settle their business or family matters. Long-term vehicle rental, which is attractive for companies, has many advantages. First of all, Szczecin car rental offers many discounts, AC insurance included in the price or additional equipment for vehicles.

Types of vehicle rentals

1. Short-term rental

Car rental Szczecin offers short-term car rental for a period from 1 day to 30 days. Some companies also offer car rental by the hour, which is extremely useful if we need to move somewhere quickly, or our vehicle has gone for inspection and we need a means of transport. Especially sports cars are rented for a short term or even a few hours. Then it is necessary to pay a deposit and payment of preparation fees. There is also a daily kilometer limit.

2. Medium-term rental

It lasts from 3 to 12 months. It combines the benefits of car rental with operational leasing. After the term of the contract, you can usually buy such a vehicle. This form of rental is offered to both individual clients and companies.

3. Long-term rental

It is usually used by entrepreneurs, thanks to which they can expand their fleet of vehicles. Van rental is a good option if you do not anticipate expenses for the fleet, and we earn some profits thanks to the rental. The contract is usually signed for a period of 13 to 48 months. The package sometimes includes some bonuses, such as a replacement car, no initial payment or claims handling.

How to rent a car?

Car rental Szczecin is a good solution when we need a car for business or tourist purposes. At the stationary point, we will complete all necessary formalities. In the case of short-term rental, the door to door service usually works, so the car will be delivered to the place chosen by us. Car rental Szczecin allows you to book a vehicle online or by phone. In the offer of many companies, we have a choice of different classes and models of cars, it all depends on our requirements and needs. Car rental Szczecin in the assortment has equally classic city cars, sports models and limousines for special occasions.

Why is it worth taking advantage of the Szczecin car rental offer?

Always a fully functional car

Using the Szczecin car rental offer, you will always receive a technically efficient car. This is a very big advantage, especially when we want to go on a long journey. As a customer of the Szczecin car rental company, we do not have to worry about repairs and inspections of the vehicle, everything is handled by the rental company. We can enjoy using the vehicle in an impeccable condition.

Availability and simple rental rules

Car rentals are becoming more and more popular due to their high availability. There are at least a couple of such companies in every big city. There are also companies on the market that deliver their vehicles to any location indicated by the customer. It is a very comfortable solution. The high availability of vehicles from car rental companies is also associated with a minimum of formalities and clear rules of cooperation between the company and the rental client. We can find a car rental in Szczecin, for example, using the Internet, just enter the search phrase in the search engine and we will receive some suggestions.

A car adapted to our needs

Car rentals in Szczecin and other cities offer a very wide range of vehicle models. The cars are very diverse, so we can easily find a model that meets our expectations and needs. Depending on them, we can rent a vehicle from the A, B segment, or a premium class vehicle, i.e. a luxury model. The offer of many car rental companies in Szczecin also includes vans, which are useful, among others, in the case of purchasing large-size items or during a move, when we do not want to spend a lot of money on a specialist moving company.

Attractive prices

Today, car rental companies in Szczecin and other large cities offer their customers very affordable prices for renting a vehicle. The company’s offer is attractive not only for entrepreneurs, but also for individual customers who can also afford to rent a vehicle. Car rental prices start from around PLN 100 per day, and often companies do not charge an initial deposit. There are also promotional offers, abolishing, for example, mileage limits.

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