Botox in aesthetic medicine and wrinkle elimination

Botox is the most popular preparation in the aesthetic medicine industry, appreciated mainly for its speed of action. Botulinum toxin makes it possible not only to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles, but also to solve much more serious health problems with virtually no side effects.

Botox – elimination of wrinkles (main advantages)

Botox became widely used around 2000. At the beginning, aesthetic medicine specialists in the United States used botulinum (an alternative name for botox) to remove facial wrinkles. After many years of research, it was found that botox – wrinkle removal is just one area of ​​application. Another is the treatment of hyperhidrosis, removing problems with jaw tension (clear relief in bruxism, classic dental methods turn out to be unreliable). There were also ideas to enlarge the lips with botulinum toxin (a service reserved for the most experienced specialists).

A tip dedicated to people planning a procedure

It is worth noting at this point that the use of Botox requires high qualifications. A similar procedure should be performed by an aesthetic medicine doctor with proven achievements. These can most often be assessed in the so-called metamorphosis gallery. Valued aesthetic medicine clinics show the effects before and after the procedure, which increases confidence in the consultation. It is important to choose a preparation from a safe, proven source. Botox – the elimination of wrinkles must cost money, and avoid heavily discounted items with a wide berth to protect your health.

How exactly does botox work?

Botox blocks nerve impulses, and the face in the treatment area looks more relaxed, much younger. The tension caused by everyday stress also disappears. Unfortunately, the effects of Botox are not permanent, but only temporary. With the growing quality of aesthetic medicine, it is even a year of proper operation. Botox – wrinkle removal is a good idea to give the skin a rest after more serious damage. In the meantime, you can use natural cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, which will help you rebuild your youthful appearance for longer. The lack of facial tension usually results in rejuvenation by several years, and in some cases even by a decade.

What specific wrinkles can be eliminated with botox?

Botox very well reduces (removes) wrinkles on the neck, often branched, “smoker’s lines” oriented around the mouth, nose, between the eyebrows, on the cheeks. Removal of wrinkles is often combined with the procedure of improving the contour of the face by slightly lifting the corners of the mouth, nose and eyebrows. The Botox administration schedule is most often determined by an aesthetic medicine doctor after a detailed interview. A common practice is a trial application to determine the optimal concentration of the preparation.

Alternative uses of Botox

Botox – elimination of wrinkles is the basic therapeutic area. Medicine uses botulinum toxin in many hopeless cases. Botox should be of interest to people complaining about recurrent migraine pain or back pain, which is extremely difficult to diagnose. Botox allows you to block the receptors responsible for sweating, and thus gains recognition in the treatment of excessive sweating. It practically eliminates the problem and allows you to return to normal life. Wherever a tense muscle appears, Botox has a raison d’être. The reduction of nervous tics and even excessive tearing can also be treated with Botox, which is an amazing achievement of science.

A few words about the side effects and safety of the procedure

Botox, due to its enormous power, also has side effects, which, however, are rare when maintaining proper administration practices. The basis is dose optimization. Side effects are characterized by a short duration. It is usually a slight fall of the skin, usually swelling, or even minor bleeding in the area of ​​​​application. Muscle weakness and a general feeling of dryness are rare. Some patients believe for psychological reasons that Botox does not work on them at all and try to repeat the treatment more often, which is very risky. The doctor should recognize the indicated pattern and refer the patient for advice to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Before administering Botox, it is advisable to do general examinations to recognize the current state of the body. Serious problems with nerves, muscles, or allergy to Botox excludes from the procedure.

At the end

Botox is not only aesthetic medicine. It appears in dermatology, ophthalmology, and in neurological therapies. The full use of botulinum toxin has not yet been determined, so aesthetic medicine will certainly face major novelties in the coming years. Botox improves not only visual comfort, typical facial aesthetics. Restores people with excessive sweating and nervous tics to society. With the right choice of an aesthetic medicine specialist and assessment of qualifications, the risk of side effects is practically reduced to zero.

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