The main types of garage doors available on the market

When choosing a gate for our garage, we must take into account several issues. However, the most important parameter is the way the garage door is opened. It is best to decide on the method of covering our garage while planning the construction of the house. Only in this way will we be sure that the purchased gate will perfectly match the entrance opening to the garage. Manufacturers offer numerous interesting solutions. Our choice also depends on what budget we have. If possible, we should buy a garage door that is characterized by high thermal insulation and decent anti-burglary protection. We also cannot ignore the aesthetic aspect and the comfort of use.

The most popular variant – the upper sectional door

For building a garage door leaf three to six segments are used. Special gaskets are used to protect them. Otherwise, the connections would be exposed to negative weather conditions. During the production of this type of garage door, numerous galvanized steel profiles of various thicknesses are used. They are covered with a steel sheet, and a powder paint coating will work as a finish. Alternative materials are wood, aluminum or plastic veneer. Inside each segment there is an insulating layer in the form of polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Guide rails must be installed on the walls and ceiling of our garage. They allow you to move the garage door segments and hide them under the ceiling. Such solutions mean that we do not need to prepare a free space in front of the garage. The upper segmented model works best where the exit from the building is in the fence line. The cost of this type of gate depends on whether it is insulated. We will also pay more for a model with a drive.

Alternative solution – side segment model

Although such garage doors are not as popular as the upper variant, they will certainly be appreciated by owners of low and wide garages. They differ only in that the gate leaf, after opening, overlaps one of the walls of the room. Therefore, the guides must be mounted on the floor and ceiling. This way of opening the garage door has an interesting advantage. Namely, we don’t have to wait for them to fully open. We will get inside much faster if we want to put our bike in the garage. What all sectional doors have in common is that they take up very little space. In both variants, the sash does not protrude beyond the outline of the building and thus fits buildings with short driveways. Such garage doors are not only extremely tight, but also easy to use. We can easily fit them to any opening. On the other hand, we are forced to sacrifice one of the walls of our garage to operate the gate leaf. Very often the lower guide becomes dirty. So we have to clean it regularly so that the segments move smoothly. The cost of this solution is much higher than in the case of an overhead sectional door. Due to the low popularity of the side model, it is much harder to find such a product on the market.

A gate at an affordable price – a tilting model

In the past, it was this type of garage door that was most often used. It was only relatively recently that it had to give way to sectional doors. However, many people still decide to choose such a cover for their garage. This is mainly due to its low price compared to other solutions available on the market. The up-and-over door is also distinguished by its simple design. The guides lift the sash, which first overlaps the entering car and then hides under the ceiling of our garage. Mostly aluminum or steel is used for their production. In turn, PVC or wood cladding is sufficient for finishing. These are garage doors, which can be installed in rooms with a low lintel – it is enough that its height is 10 cm. Unfortunately, they are not very tight and a lot of heat will escape from them. Moreover, our driveway must be long enough. Standard wings will extend to a distance of at least 1 meter.

Is it worth buying a roller door?

It consists of numerous narrow slats made of aluminum or possibly steel. As in sectional doors, their interior is filled with insulating material. All slats are articulated with each other along the entire length of the leaf. As a result, a kind of armor is created, which is then wound on a special shaft placed inside the cassette. This one, in turn, is installed right above the entrance opening to our garage. This type of garage door is both tight and easy to use. They are purchased by people who, for some reason, cannot install a sectional door in their garage. This is usually due to a lack of space under the ceiling. On the other hand, we need to find enough free space to be able to mount the shaft cassette. As a last resort, we can install this mechanism outside the garage.

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