Putty coats – what is worth knowing about them? Are you running out of ideas on what to do to finally deal with walls that are very uneven? Fortunately, there are effective ways here. However, the correct fillers must be used. What are these building materials? Can fillers be used only in new construction? Which building materials in this category are particularly recommended?

Putty coats – what are they?

In the past, other solutions were mainly used. First of all, it is about cement-lime plasters. However, it is worth noting that this option has many disadvantages. among others it’s about a rough texture that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing… In addition, after years it’s hard to protect yourself from various, visible damage on the surface. For this reason, putty coats began to be used more and more often. What are they anyway? These are very popular building materials that can be successfully adapted to walls inside and outside buildings (we have various types of these products). Typically, the fillers consist of gypsum. He has several tasks to complete. It’s not only about “binding” the material, but also about its proper filling. Mostly there are also a few other ingredients, which come in the form of useful minerals. There are also substances that delay the setting of gypsum (as a result of their action, you can calmly and precisely carry out renovation works in a house, apartment, etc.), or plasticizers. What else is important? In stores with this assortment, you can choose various forms of these products. Some people choose putty in the form of a paste. Others bet on dry mixes. Some people choose putty in the form of a paste. Others bet on dry mixes. Some people choose putty in the form of a paste. Others bet on dry mixes.

Putty coats – learn about the most important advantages

Such building materials are very versatile. You can freely decide on the appropriate putty to clean up the walls in different rooms. There is no problem to use these materials also in the case of facades. Thanks to them, you can deal with various irregularities and get a smooth surface that will not be rough. It is not the end. By the way, you can take care of the right color to “refresh” a particular room even more. What additionally makes so many people decide on modern putty coats? Contrary to what some people think, by using these building materials you can protect yourself from the dust that collects around the porous texture. This is very important for allergy sufferers, who must be especially careful with particles. In addition, users (thanks to the use of putty) can count on the fact that they will then apply paint to the walls without any problems in practice. Their application will be easier. Importantly, there are putties on the market that can be successfully used even by people who have never dealt with such building materials before.

When can putty coats be used?

To the above advantages, you can certainly add one more. It’s about universality. It turns out that putty coats can be used not only for various rooms. Many people wonder if this solution is dedicated only to new construction. Fortunately not. There are no obstacles for the putty to be used, for example, during the renovation of an apartment in a relatively old block of flats, etc. However, it is definitely worth being careful here. You can’t decide on the first filler from the shore. These building materials should be selected from the appropriate manufacturer. It is also important to match them to specific walls. In terms of the current condition, appearance, as well as general conditions in a given room (e.g. high levels of humidity, temperature, etc. must be taken into account). Therefore, you should think before final purchases. If you do not know what putty to use, ask for support from experts who sell this range in stores on a daily basis.

Why are gypsum plasters the most popular?

There are various fillers on the market. Therefore, you can choose gypsum, lime, cement or polymer materials … Statistics show that by far the most people choose the first option. In this case, the key ingredient is, of course, gypsum. It is characterized by a relatively small degree of granulation. It should be added that gypsum can occur here in two forms. These are materials of natural or synthetic origin. What are the main advantages of this solution? By using these putties, you can get the right visual qualities. The walls will be properly aligned. In this way, even large unevenness and visible damage can be dealt with. Such gypsum plasters can be purchased without spending a lot of money. They are produced every day by various companies. And the greater the competition, the better for the customer. It is worth noting that gypsum finishing coats are great, for example, in residential rooms.

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