How much do accounting services cost, and on what basis should you choose professionals for your company’s accounting?

Ile kosztują usługi księgowe, i na podstawie czego wybierać fachowców do księgowości swojej firmy?

Running your own business involves many legal aspects that an entrepreneur must meet. In addition to devising a strategy for the development of your company, it is also necessary to account for revenues, and this is a task for a good accountant. How to choose the best accounting team, and how much do such services cost?

Online or traditional accounting?

When starting your own business, you need to decide whether you choose traditional or virtual accounting. Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, while in the case of running a business in a large city, you can try a traditional accounting office . The situation is different when we run a business in the e-commerce industry – then online accounting may be a better option for us, which has been very popular for several years. Thanks to the network connection, you can cooperate with accountants throughout Poland, thus selecting the best specialists. The condition in this case, however, is a good network connection and constant telephone contact, which makes it much easier especially at the beginning of cooperation with an accountant.Traditional accounting also has many benefits because it allows you to physically meet the accountant and talk, and for at least the first six months of cooperation and running a business, there are definitely many important topics to discuss, in terms of taxes and liabilities .

Good accountant will take care of the entrepreneur’s finances and will show him possible alternatives that allow him to save money or avoid having to pay additional taxes. In order to work effectively with an accounting office, proper communication is necessary, as well as high competence and knowledge of the accountant himself, who is responsible for such important issues of each company. It is easiest to find the best accountants on the Internet, although it is worth mainly following the opinions of friends who use or have used similar services in the past, then we will be sure that the recommended specialist actually has the knowledge and competence, and will also conduct our business properly and without delay.

Choose only the best quality services

How do you recognize a good accountant? First of all, after the reputation it enjoys among customers. However, you have to be careful, because it happens that specialists from referrals do not necessarily offer high-quality services, and they were recommended by friends “out of courtesy”. Verification of the best accountants should be based on the opinion of friends who are meticulous by nature and perceived as very demanding – such a man’s opinion about the accountant will certainly be accurate, and if he recommends someone, it means that he is actually very good at his profession. In this industry, it is also worth taking into account the size of the accounting office – paradoxically, the best ones are one-person ones or large ones that employ several dozen employees. In the first case, a sole proprietorship accountant deals with the affairs of his clients on his own, while at the same time he must present high quality so that clients want to use his services. In the case of these dozens of personal accounting firms, certain quality standards are usually implemented that must be met by employees, which is why you can definitely rely on their services. Beginning entrepreneurs often choose accounting services only on the basis of price, looking for savings and cost optimization. Meanwhile, this is not a good strategy, because in the long run it can lead to serious problems with the Tax Office, ZUS or other important financial matters.

Costs of accounting services

The better the accountant, the higher the cost of services? not necessarily! On the Internet, you can find a lot of companies and accounting offices that deal with their clients’ affairs in a reliable manner, and conduct their business both in a traditional way and via the Internet. The total price of full accounting often depends on the size of the company and its specifications, but also on the reputation of the office. When valuing services, the number of documents, applications and other important letters generated by the accounting office on behalf of the company is also often taken into account. The cost of such services may range from several hundred zlotys to several thousand, depending on the specification of the services provided and the scope of duties that the accounting office provides as part of these services. Prices, of course, remain negotiable, and may change after an individual valuation with the client. However, the price should not be an indicator for an entrepreneur who takes his business seriously – the reputation and high quality of services provided are the most important guidelines that should be important when choosing an accounting office. In the long run, it will be a very good investment, especially when we need substantive support and expertise of our accountant. Let’s choose what is best for our form, and we will avoid serious problems in the future!

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