Do we need holidays?

For some, holidays are associated with an annual ritual that has even taken on the features of duty. Others, on the other hand, believe that it is an unnecessary luxury that consumes money, and there is no lasting benefit from it, and it is better to buy some equipment for the home, arrange renovation or save money for a new car. However, we should consider what effects prolonged rest has on our body. And there are a lot of them and they are invaluable help for us in dealing with everyday problems. 

Work and rest

The average Pole works a lot, from forty to fifty hours a week. On the other hand, almost 12% of employees of large companies spend more than sixty hours a week at work. This is a lot and it certainly affects our health and well-being. Not to mention relationships with loved ones. Lack of adequate rest makes us more irritable, nervous, quarrelsome, harder to concentrate and consequently less effective at work.

At first glance, it seems that a dozen or so days of vacation, which we will use for a holiday trip, will not change much in our lives. Nothing could be more wrong. A break from work for a week or two can change a lot in our body and, above all, in our mind. Psychologists have been repeating for years that a longer annual rest is necessary to maintain well-being and productivity. Just knowing that we will be going on vacation at a certain time can already energize us and make us feel more comfortable, because we realize that in a while we will be rewarded for our hard work.

Why do we hate holidays?

Contrary to appearances, many people do not like holidays. Holidays are associated with coercion, new problems, crowds and quarrels. Especially if it turns out that our loved ones have a completely different idea of ​​how to spend their free time than we do. Not to mention the fact that for many, holidays do not interrupt work at all. It is often the case that even during holidays we do not break away from work and still receive calls from colleagues or finish some paperwork on the beach. And this makes it extremely impossible to rest. And that is why we can so often hear that holidays are even more tiring than work.

How to plan your holidays?

The main problem that makes it impossible for us to rest properly during a holiday trip with our loved ones is that we don’t really plan it. Too many things are left to chance or the travel agency.

Holidays with a travel agency can be pleasant and certainly make it easier for people who have problems with planning trips on their own, but on the other hand, they are also a threat to our typical way of resting. Before we decide to choose a specific offer, we should think about what kind of vacation suits us. Do we like to sit all day on the beach, or do we prefer active sightseeing? Do we want to get to know the local cuisine or do we prefer to eat more familiar dishes? Do we want to have contact with the local culture and the freedom to move around the city or do we prefer that the travel agent plan every aspect of the trip for us? What type of hotel suits us? Do we want to spend the whole trip in one place or maybe move and visit more places in a given region?

The answers to these questions are very important. Many of the problems we have with holidays result from the fact that they are not matched to our needs and our way of resting, which is why we can return to work tired, angry and bored.

Choosing the right place is also crucial. We often make our choices based on the popularity of a given location. And we shouldn’t. A good solution is to spend at least a little time to think about what we really expect from a particular place. For example, if we do not like high temperatures, we should not choose Egypt, if we feel bad on the beach, it is much better to look for a trip to the mountains. Let us remember that a trip to warm countries is not our duty and if we do not like such a climate, it is worth heading in the opposite direction. Holidays are time only for us and should be used to the maximum so that we return with the best memories.

Advantages of holidays

A well-planned holiday trip with your loved one has practically only advantages. First of all, it will help build good family relationships that may have been damaged by the difficulties of everyday life. This is a good time for sincere conversations and shared entertainment.

In addition, a good rest makes us much better attuned to the world, kinder, full of energy and more creative. This translates into our commitment to work. After a successful holiday, we come back with much more motivation and we are more willing to take on more difficult tasks. This is also a tip for employers. Providing your employees with the opportunity to plan the perfect vacation will translate into their efficiency and bring profits to the company.

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